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New Sketch: Dostoevsky. Pencil on old map. Soon to be inked partially. 

Wondering if there is a song I could like more…still so good.

Vintage. Organic. Hand made. local.

Blah…quit with the absurd fascination with false labels. You know they are just trying to sell you something, right?

Truly authentic expression does not have to convince anyone. All of the products we buy or chose to identify with spend so much time trying to tell us we are unique and that buying this product will make us Über Unique (they only give out that status to a few people every year). But we really just buy stuff to fit in, right? We are all unique beings by design…why do we chase the illusion with our money?

In this brand-soaked bubble bath we call media, what may I ask, teares through all the noise? Authenticity. All of the urges we feel for uniqueness are actually our desires for an authentic life. As consumerism drives face to face interaction apart we crave the touch; the hot breath of a close encounter. Hot breath is kinda gross but its a more authentic experience than trying to close talk my laptop. Why do you think the labels “vintage” and “hand- made” always bring ooohs and aaahs from consumers? Because, they represent a time when brands were still authentic. Wait, were they ever authentic? Authenticity did not somehow vanish with modern consumer culture. All you have to do is step back to see authenticity all around.

What is authentic, then? Religion? Umm….Religion has become a joke to popular culture. It has failed to appeal to this consumer culture. Now, thats not entirely a bad thing. Im glad its failing. The churches that have done well are the mega cool- tattoo showin-pierced ear havin - jean wearin-goatee not shavin, hymn ignorin- churches. They have created a church brand that more or less appeals to a broad audience. Its a cool friendly high fiven good time. And, guess what? Its non threatening. Now thats dangerous. Religion should be in your face with truth, not watered down truth. So, im glad the “Church” has failed because it has a chance to connect with the world again. Dear The Church, be yourself. work it.

The only truly authentic life is lived in relation to other authentic lives. Its not about what you like or have its about what you do and how you live your life in relation to those around you. Rub the proverbial elbow of an authentic; people not concerned with brands. Help someone. Create something beautiful that’s not for sale! Be a part of the thunderous shake of human potential…physical endourance, emotional empathy. Being unique is not all its thought to be, living an authentic life is. No one is perfect and I’m writing this for myself probably most of all…

so join my hippi commune. Yeah, this was all just a recruiting letter. Jk. 


Sometimes the remix is just better.

This track is going into my running mix. I never used to like running with music because occasionally I would lose focus on my stride. But, the past few months have been heavy with music runs…I dig it…and, if the right track comes on at the right moment, magic happens

Without really thinking about it too much I’ve decided I want this as my theme song. Bob Dylan- Wigwam. There’s nothing really I want to say about it or why I chose it.


Shorter Work Week

I’ve been hearing a lot recently about the shorter work week option. Switching to say a 21 hour week or a 4 day week. Its difficult to comprehend if a country the size of the U.S. could make that switch easily, not to mention the unanticipated repercussions of such a massive swing. But, I think it’s worth looking into. Open your mind.

Having been a part time employee recently (15 hours per week) I realized just how much can get done in a short amount of time. I woke up, got ready, and worked for 3 hours straight every day…no big deal really but I was amazed at how productive I was. 3 hours turned into almost a whole days worth of work. Now, I know some people really do work ALL day and some jobs just will never change. But, for a lot of people, even 30 hours a week would be plenty. Or, if you need all the hours, try a 4 day week  (10 hours a day). You work too hard.

I enjoy work. Work is an important part of life as we all seek to feel needed; to feel like we contribute or accomplish something. But I dont need to work 40 plus hours a week to feel the positive aspects of work. In fact having more free time has only benefited my life.  Mind, body, and soul.


First of all I get to spend more time with my wonderful wife. 3-4 hours at night before bed is hardly a relationship. I dont believe we are meant to sustain relationships on such limited interaction. less divorce folks, c’mon.

I get to work out and enjoy running again…biking, rock climbing, hiking, trail running etcetera!!!  = boom, health care costs lowered.

Im spending more time every day drawing or working on design projects. Im even devoting time to learning woodworking (im currently working on an amish style peg board…got to start small). Art appreciation.

Oh, and im volunteering with a non-profit. What more  do you need than an increase in volunteering and effectivness of non-profits? Social Justice.

For America, the thought of working less might terrify some people. So maybe we try the 4 day work week? A lot of companies and organizations are already doing this with great success. LONG WEEKEND!

Designing a custom logo for a friend’s new business venture. This “g” will set the tone for the whole logo I think. This is my first shot at custom designing letters so we’ll see what I end up with…definitely have to show respect to typographers out there. Its a tedious process to create type and I’m not even attempting an entire font here, just 8 different letters!

Initial stage of new work. Pen/ink, acrylic, sheet music and probs some shellac…

What are we to do when ethical consumption seems like an illusion?

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